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ABO Gear

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ABO Gear
ABO Gear had its humble beginnings in 1995. By the way, ABO stands for...
Australian Beach Outdoor.  With an Australian background and outdoor lifestyle, it seemed natural to share the flair, innovation and practicality of its people with the rest of the world.
They suppose like all companies, it began with an idea.  The idea was to find a solution to the common beach towel.  They called their new invention the ABO mat:  a cotton oversized mat with four stakes to keep it from blowing away in the wind and folded into a fanny pack.  That idea grew to develop a prototype and with changes and modifications, the first product was launched.  They easily could have just abandoned the vision, but they stuck with it and as such the family of products grew.
They were lucky enough to get retailers buying the product.· This fueled other items:· beach tents, picnic blankets, beach hammocks, etc.  They can still remember their first sale from a beach store in Cape Cod.  Luckily for them they had five months to ship the product to the store.  They received other orders from Surf Expo in 1996 (Beach Trade Show).  Now they had to buy materials and find sewers to make the products.  They were lucky to find a great crew of sewers in North Georgia. 
They kept the US manufacturing as long as they could, but their customers and the market pretty much told them to switch to off shore or shut down.  They chose the off shore route.  Their manufacturing is now carried out in China & India.  Their sales office is based in downtown Decatur, Georgia.  Their shipping &  fulfillment is carried out in Murphy, North Carolina.  They suppose their mission has stood the test of time, it has certainly been an adventure! 

In 2004 they entered the pet market.  It was the best thing they could have done.  They were making outdoor products ofr people, so it seemed a natural progression to carry out the same for pets.  Their experience in using performance fabrics came in very handy.  Their focus was to try to make outdoor life more comfortable for their four legged friends. 

in 2008 they launched their natural products.  Since then their mission has been to create green & earth friendly pet gear.  They continue to this day to provide new products that are ECO sustainable.  Products inlclude:  Dog toys, cat toys, ECO beds, food sacs, dog coats, dog backpacks, leashes.
In developing new products, their first aim is to create products that minimize the carbon footprint.  Their brand Aussie Naturals,  focuses on using jute, wool, cotton & leather.  

ABO Gear is a fast growing company with products in the beach, outdoor, pet, gift & travel goods market.  Their brands:  Aussie Naturals, ABO & Australian Bag Outfitters will grow with new ideas and innovation.  They hope you enjoy their products for many years to come.