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About Us
We are proud to say that K9Cuisine has been around for almost a decade now! We were one of the first online pet supply stores that focused specifically on providing the highest quality Natural, Holistic, and Organic pet food and treats for all of our four legged pals!

As pet owners ourselves, we understand fully that our pet’s health is just as important as our own. Simple buying the cheapest kibble on the market doesn’t cut it for our furry family members. As such we have partnered with the best manufactures of pet food and supplies to offer you a wide selection of healthy and high quality pet food and treats.

Do you have a picky eater? Not a problem, our selection of dog and cat food includes a wide variety of flavors and formulations designed to accommodate all different tastes and diet restrictions. We are sure that you will find what you are looking for, but if for some reason you can’t, just let us know! We welcome feedback and ideas for brands and products to add to the website and will try our best to source them for you at the lowest prices possible!

We welcome you to our website and hope you are able to find all of the products and information that you need for your four-legged friends!

Get to Know Some of the Pets!

Take a moment to get to know just a few of the many furry pals that make up the K9Cuisine family. We love our pets more than anything
and they love that we sell LOTS of treats!
Jasper - AKA - The Boss


The Boss

He thinks he rules the world...but in reality he is a BIG softy that likes his belly rubs!

Cuddly A.K.A Ninja Bunny


Ninja Bunny

There is only one speed with Cuddly...TURBO! He runs around like a parkour ninja!

Shadow - A.K.A Buddha



Just keep the food & treats coming and Shadow is happy. Just look at those ears!

Gretel - The Boss


The Big Boss

A truly soft-hearted Pekingese that is always begging for treats, especially if they are Kona's Chips!

Jorja - A.K.A Georgia



Also known as the couch hog! Just sit right down next to her and rub her belly and your good to go!

Mia - A.K.A Choppers



She is a Rottweiler in a Pekingese body... what more needs to be said!

Oscar - A.K.A Tiny



Tiny is not so tiny any more! But he is a cutie that loves playing outside and getting in all sorts of trouble!

Kidd - A.K.A Gentle Giant


The Gentle Giant

The big brother to Oscar, its up to him to help keep him in line.

Raven - A.K.A Princess



She is a princess and you better believe it!