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Addiction Foods

Addiction Foods

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Addiction Pet Food
Addiction was founded by a leading Holistic Veterinarian and Clinical Nutritionist who saw thousands of disease-stricken cats and dogs plagued with skin and gastrointestinal conditions caused by allergies to beef, chicken, lamb and artificial additives. Frustrated by the lack of healthy food options, he set out with a mission to develop a range of ultra-premium dog and cat foods that contain no by-products, fillers or preservatives. He also utilized an innovative range of hypoallergenic protein sources to prevent allergies and promote wellness and vitality in pets.
The Addiction range of products is the result of over 20 years of research and experience and revolutionizes the way in which pets’ nutritional needs are addressed.
The Ultimate in Holistic Pet Food - Addiction Holistic Food is unlike any other. Free from harmful additives and made in New Zealand and Australia exclusively from Novel Proteins and Game Meats known for their nutritional and hypoallergenic properties, Addiction has amassed a cult following among discerning pet owners seeking the ultimate in Holistic Nutrition.

What Nature Intended Your Dog to Eat - Enlightened by the belief that pet food should be natural and free from harmful additives, the Addiction range uses only natural, wholesome, highest-quality ingredients packed with nutritional benefits to enhance health and well-being. It contains no artificial preservatives, flavors, fillers or by-products commonly found in many of today’s pet and even human foods. The result is food as close to what nature intended your dog to eat.
Exclusively Made From Novel Proteins and Game Meats The Addiction range is made exclusively from Novel Proteins and Game Meats instead of commonly used chicken, beef or lamb.
Novel proteins are hypoallergenic to dogs not previously exposed to them therefore provide a natural solution to dogs that are allergic to chicken, beef or lamb.
Each novel protein and game meat in the Addiction range is carefully selected for its exquisite taste and nutritional properties, providing your dog with a naturally great tasting meal with unique health benefits.
Made in New Zealand and Australia - Addiction is made in New Zealand and Australia where the lush forests, clean lakes and stringent agricultural and manufacturing standards ensure the highest quality food made in a pristine environment.