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Amicus Dog Food

Amicus Dog Food
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Amicus Dog Food

Finding the right food for you small or tiny breed canine companion isn’t always easy. Standard dog food often comes in bite sizes that are just too big and hard for your little lady’s tiny mouth. Amicus Dog Food understands your frustration as a pet parent and offers a line of yummy tasting food designed perfectly for your little princess.

Amicus Dog Food’s line of specially formulated kibble comes in small bites that are slightly softer than traditional kibble, making it much easier for your little one to eat. This makes for easier chewing and allows your little one’s tummy to digest the food much easier. This helps them get the nutrients they need from the food and makes their tummy much happier.

The grain-free recipes Amicus Dog Food offers focus on animal proteins, using fresh turkey, chicken, lamb, and wild caught salmon. The main carbohydrate source in each kibble is red lentils and peas. These provide a low glycemic index that helps your little furry friend at optimal weight. These ingredients also pack an antioxidant punch that helps promote a healthy immune system.

While these bites are tiny, Amicus Dog Food recipes deliver tons of savory flavor your pooch is sure to gobble down. In addition to the 76 percent animal proteins, red lentils, and peas, these recipes are packed with meat fats, fish oil, carrots, apples, broccoli, bok choy, blueberries, and much more. In addition, each recipe includes probiotics to help keep the tummy even happier. This means fewer upset tummies and less gas, keeping your princess smelling much better!

Amicus Dog Food also knows that every pup has different desires when it comes to flavors, so this amazing little kibble comes in a variety of recipes. Your pup’s palate can enjoy chicken, salmon, lamb, or a tri-protein recipe that is packed with turkey, chicken, and salmon for a real meat treat! All of their recipes are designed for any age and life stage your little pup goes through, so no need to change their diet as they get older!

As a pet parent to a little pup, you want what is best for them. By choosing Amicus Dog Food, you can feel confident that you are serving up a meal with bites designed just for them and in flavors they will love! The wagging tail and tiny wet kisses will be all the thanks you need!