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Artemis is a holistic, healthy pet food dedicated to promoting a whole-life approach to caring for animals. Artemis believes that a balanced approach works better when living a healthy nutritional lifestyle and the same is true for your pet. 

Artemis is based in North Hollywood, California and was established in 1998. The company has grown rapidly when Artemis gained a national reputation for excellence. This growth created many new jobs at Artemis; and their new headquarters is triple the size of the original.  

Artemis prides itself on its natural and holistic products. Why holistic? Because Artemis understands that everything works better when it is in harmony or its balanced state. To create this balanced state it begins with a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Artemis has created a food that balances all the necessary proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.  This results in a food that greater in nutritional balance. 

Artemis understands that taking a holistic approach to diet and nutrition also encompasses disease prevention and finding ways to support natural healing in the body. Artemis’s products were developed with the idea that prevention is the best cure. Having gone the extra mile, Artemis has incorporated a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that meet dietary guidelines. Having a holistic and natural approach is beneficial to our customers. Artemis understands that it not only gives them a great relationship with their customers, it also gives them something to be proud of. 

Artemis has grown its facilities and has welcomed many new team members who hold similar views about pets. These amazing employees are like family, and understand what it means for you to interact with them, and to take care of the planet as a whole. Customers are now writing in to inspire us with their amazing success stories and help push on the Artemis research and development team to create new products. 

With their holistic approach, Artemis is dedicated to providing nature’s first balanced diet pet food. Artemis believes everything works better in its balanced state. They work to demonstrate a new holistic approach to animal and pet care. Artemis believes that by bringing balance to all parts and aspects of your pets’ life, it will enable them to thrive!