Choosing the Right Pet Bed

I know it has been a little while since I checked in, I know. I got a severe case of poison Ivy, something unheard of, and I had not had since childhood. I would hope that you would understand.  I have a couple of things to share with you, a little behavior issues and information on better care for your senior and sensitive pets during the hot summer months.  

I have been researching pet beds for Linus, because I really want him out of my bed. While I’m not against the sharing of beds, Linus is just… large. He doesn’t understand that he is not a tiny little thing. He is well at a hundred pounds but thinks he is a Chihuahua. What do you do with a large breed dog that refuses to get out of your bed? You go bed shopping. 

I found that dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, all price ranges, colors, and qualities.  Top quality beds at an affordable price can be found here at K9-Cuisine. Molly Mutt brand is a known quality made bed. It comes in cute colors to match your décor, or your furry friends favorites. Dog Gone Smart beds have some Repelz-It technology built in for cleaning. Pick the size that’s right for your dog, and one that you can clean easily. For larger breed dogs, you may want to look for some with memory foam or some type of support.  Try to get a feel for what your dogs enjoy.  For example, Linus likes pillows and blankets - fluffy things - so a thick bed would do better for him, whereas; Lucy, likes to sleep on rugs, and flat surfaces, so she may prefer a mat type bed. Dogs, in general, love to receive their new pet beds and be made to feel like they have their own special place in the home. I recommend that you replace your pets’ bed regularly as well. 

Well, knowing all that, and getting the best pet bed available, can I get Linus out of my bed? The answer is no. Linus turns up his nose, prances by, and pounces to his spot on the big bed. Lucy likes the bed a lot, but she still prefers hers. The funniest thing is that the cat, Pixel, has taken up residence there. We all still have our places, and we sleep soundly… or snore loudly. 

A Side Note On Pet Safety & Hot Weather

Imagine that. While I’m writing this, the AC goes out. The temperatures have reached over 90 degrees, and I’m waiting on the repairman. As I watched the temperatures rise inside the house, I watched my otherwise pampered pooches begin to pant, and really have a hard time dealing with the new situation. 

Some basics that you need to know as a pet owner are the same as if you were a parent. Don’t leave your pet in the car, ever. It’s hot. Even with the windows down it can be dangerous. Be sure to keep them out of the sun, and have plenty of water around.  Throw a few fresh ice cubes in the bowl as well; you’ll see they love to lick them.  Keep your dog walks to early morning or evenings, the roads and sidewalks can be very hot on their paws, and they can be quicker to overheat.  Limit the amount of exercise so that they don’t overextend during playtime. All these things are basics when taking care of what are your precious pups or old time pals.