Help Your Pet Lose Their Winter Flab!

Have you noticed that your dog is carrying a few more pounds this spring than he was in the fall?

Winter weight gain is a common problem among American pets, especially in areas where the weather gets especially frigid in the winter months. Sub-zero temperatures, snow storms and icy sidewalks don’t make anyone want to get out for some exercise, and so dogs and their owners tend to lose out on valuable physical activity.

Exercise is important because so many pups struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. Indoor dogs are highly sedentary compared to their wild ancestors, making obesity one of the most common health problems among American dogs.

But that doesn’t have to be the case for your furry pal! Try these tips for helping your pet lose that winter flab.

1. Switch to a Weight Management Food

This might be the simplest way to help your dog trim down. It doesn’t have to be forever, but a weight management food is great for ensuring pets don’t get unnecessary calories. If you’re worried about upsetting your sensitive dog’s stomach by changing her diet, you can try a weight management food that’s within the same brand for an easy transition.

For example, if your dog normally eats an Orijen food, you could switch to Orijen Fit & Trim Dog Food. If you have a Fromm Family Foods fan, you have options like Fromm Family Foods Gold Coast Grain Free Weight Management Dry Dog Food or Fromm Family Foods Weight Management Gold Dog Food. Check out all of the recipe options within your brand that are available on K9Cuisine here!

2. Find a Fun Workout Together

Even better than helping your dog lose his winter weight is getting both of you in shape! Kill two birds with one stone by trying some exercises that get both of your heart rates up. Exercising with your dog can be as simple as walking, jogging or hiking together, but you can also get more creative. This article on turning your dog’s walk into a total-body workout for you is just one fun way to get moving together!

3. Use Low Calorie Treats

Most training or activities with your dog are going to require a little motivation for him via some delicious treats. This could be counterproductive if you’re using fattening treats to get him moving. Fortunately, there are lots of all natural and low calorie treats on the market just for this purpose. Try Fromm Family Foods Four Star Cranberry Liver Recipe 2 Calorie Dog Treats for an exceptional weight loss-appropriate reward!

5. Get into a Routine

The only way your dog is going to get rid of her extra flab is with your consistent effort. A few added walks one week isn’t going to cut it – you need to find something that you can work into your day until the weight is gone.

Spring is the perfect time to establish a new norm for you and your canine friend. Extra daylight and more bearable weather allows for a more flexible outdoor exercise routine. Whether you set your alarm 45 minutes earlier in the morning or take advantage of the later sunset, you and your dog can get out for some calorie-burning activities with just a little planning. Start small and work your way up as you both adjust to the higher activity level, and make sure you consult your dog’s vet before beginning any exercise program.

Spring into Weight Loss

Losing winter weight is important for helping your dog live a long and happy life. Take this opportunity to bond with your pup by finding fun ways to get in shape together. If you need some more ideas, check out our blog on exercising with your pup!