two cute dogs sitting under a decorated christmas tree

The holidays are a busy time for us all, and our furry friends can often be forgotten about during the hustle and bustle of the season. This is why we’ve compiled a detailed list for dog care during the holiday season. Whether you’re visiting your loved ones or even staying cuddled up at home, your dogs deserve all the tender loving care imaginable! 

A Care List For Your Furry Family Member 

1. If you’re leaving town, find a dog sitter for the time you’ll be gone

When leaving your dog in the care of another, it is important to find a trustworthy individual who you know has the best interest of your dog at heart. Nothing is worse than leaving and thinking your dog may not be tended to properly. After all, it’s like leaving a piece of your heart. 

2. Make sure they get fresh air as often as possible

Sometimes family can be a lot which is why fresh air can be a good way to cool off. Just as you need it, your dog needs it too! Plus, many dogs have plush fur coats to keep them toasty warm even in the chilliest of temperatures. 

While fresh air is vital, be sure not to leave your dog outside for too long and especially NOT overnight. If visiting guests are allergic to or have a fear of dogs, simply urge them to keep a distance. If necessary, kennel your dog or make alternative arrangements for your guests. 

3. Keep their legs stretched

When temperatures fall below freezing, it can be tough to give your dog the exercise they need. If you feel like braving the cold, go for it! If not, a walk down the street, to get the mail, or just around the house can liven up your doggo and give them the chance to let out some energy. 

Important Note: Be aware of what your dog is stepping on. Keep away from salt or antifreeze which is harmful to their paws. 

4. Make sure their bellies are full

Dogs love their Christmas treats just as much as people do! Every once in a while, and especially during the holidays, your dog deserves to be spoiled. Be sure to fill their bellies with proper nourishment and keep their water bowl full at all times. 

Important Note: Be cognizant of the ingredient list when purchasing treats for your furry family members. Rawhide is a by-product of the leather industry and cannot be made without glue and bleach. Steer clear of rawhide; it isn’t safe for your dog! 

Keep in mind that, when getting rid of leftovers, not every food item from your table should be fed to your dog. Below is a visual which displays many of the common Christmas food items and whether or not they’re safe for your dog to eat.

5. Last but not least, presents! 

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts under the Christmas tree? Everyone deserves to be appreciated around the holidays.This includes your dog too! Listed below are a few dog approved toys they’re sure to love.

- KONG Camo Wubba Dog Toy

- Hyper Pet Dura-Squeaks Bone Dog Toy

- KONG Classic Kong Dog Toy

Hopefully, after reading this care guide, you feel ready to take on the holiday season with your furry family member. Or, if leaving them back at home, you can guide their caretaker with these simple instructions. We hope this holiday season with your dog is paw-fect!