What is Freeze Dried Dog Food?

Chances are, if you’re in the dog world you’ve heard about the rise in popularity of freeze dried dog food. It seems to be a buzzword alongside terms like “raw food diets” and “all natural pet foods.” But trends come and go, right? Actually, in this case, we think the freeze dried craze is here to stay. Here’s why.

Freeze Drying 101

First, let’s clear up any misconceptions about freeze dried dog food you might have. This process is unique in that it removes moisture from the raw ingredients through freezing, unlike dehydration, which uses heat.

Freeze dried dog food makes use of a freeze drying machine, which lowers the temperature of the food and then removes the pressure inside the chamber. This converts the moisture into a gas and gradually pulls it out of the food over a couple of days. When enough moisture has been removed, the food is sealed in an airtight package to complete the process and further prevent spoiling. However, the freeze drying process itself acts as a preservative, so you don’t have to worry about your pooch’s food going bad for a long time.

Why is Freeze Dried Dog Food Good for Dogs?

This type of dog food wouldn’t be popular amongst pet parents if it didn’t have numerous health benefits. Here are a few reasons it offers such a healthy diet:

No Preservatives – Because freeze drying is such an effective preservative, most freeze dried foods contain no other preservatives or artificial additives.

Keeps its Nutrients – Most people associate freezing and thawing with a loss of nutrients, but the beauty of freeze drying is that only the water is removed. Vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids all stay intact, giving your dog the benefits of a raw meal without all the mess and planning.

Simple Ingredients – The makers of freeze dried dog foods generally have a simple approach to pet nutrition. Ingredients often include natural sources of vitamins and minerals, such as edible animal organs and bones. Raw, organic fruits and vegetables are also common in freeze dried ingredient lists.

What’s the Difference?

Of course, all these factors wouldn’t carry much weight if pet owners couldn’t see any difference in their dog’s wellbeing. As many people have come to realize, making the switch to freeze dried dog food is anything but trivial for overall pet health. Generally, dogs on a freeze dried diet:

  • Stay at an ideal weight
  • Have fresher breath and whiter teeth
  • Are less likely to develop allergies and contract diseases
  • Have shiny coats and healthy skin
  • Produce less waste
  • Show increased energy and vitality

The Easy Option

We understand that there are factors at play other than nutrition when you buy food for your dog. Convenience is very important to most pet parents, since you don’t always have time to meticulously plan out your pup’s meals and you want to be sure that his food is safe regardless. The icing on the cake when it comes to freeze dried dog food is that it’s just as easy to feed as regular kibble or canned food.

Unlike a raw food diet that you prepare yourself, freeze dried foods come nutritionally balanced and with a long shelf life. All you have to do is add water to this neat little meal and dinner is served!

Freeze Dried Dog Food Options

K9 Cuisine offers many different brands of freeze dried dog food and treats. Here are a couple we’d like to highlight:

ORIJEN Freeze Dried Dog Food – ORIJEN is the king of natural ingredients when it comes to dog food, so it’s no surprise that they have an incredible line of freeze dried foods. These meals contain a variety of animal ingredients that make up 90% of the food, including organs and cartilage that contribute natural nutrients.

Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets – Primal offers pet owners all the benefits of an organic and natural raw food diet in the most convenient form. Finely ground animal bones supplement calcium and organic fruits and vegetables provide nutrients in their cleanest form.

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Pet Foods – These meals come in many different forms for your convenience and your dog’s personal preference. Their freeze dried dinner patties are completely biologically appropriate, containing 95% meat, organs and bone. Organic produce and added vitamins and minerals round off this meal.

SO Bright Freeze Dried Foods – SO Bright features unique flavors like wild boar, rabbit and sweet potato. Another exceptional feature of these treats is that they contain only one ingredient each, making them as delicious as they are healthy.

There are a lot of reasons – both for you and your pup – to make the switch to freeze dried dog food. Give it a try and see the amazing results of this natural diet for yourself!