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Breeder's Choice

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Breeder's Choice Pet Foods, Inc.

Breeders Choice has been manufacturing pet food for 60 years. In 1947, Harold Taylor started Breeder's Choice in Southern California. Although we've expanded and improved our facility in many ways, we still remember our beginnings. Mr. Taylor was a typical American entrepreneur who saw a way to meet the needs of consumers by combining his business expertise with his love of animals.

In 1960, we developed our first oven-baked kibble and biscuits. Even then, we exceeded the minimum nutritional requirements to create the most nutritious products available. We added a bakery to our Irwindale facility a short time later. Today, we bake delicious, all-natural pet foods and treats around the clock. Hard work and excellent products let Breeder's Choice enjoy steady growth over the years, but it was an avocado that made our company famous!

In 1982, we introduced AvoDerm, a special dog food designed to provide nutrition while curing skin and coat problems. Thanks to a comprehensive marketing campaign, AvoDerm was considered almost a "miracle". It's one of the best selling products in the industry because it really works!
In April of 1998, Breeder's Choice introduced Pinnacle - Superior Pet Nutrition. Pinnacle was developed to be the first dry dog food that combines the wholesome blend of chicken and oats. This product is not only unique to other canine formulas, but is also packaged in a oxygen barrier bag. This means that the day you open a bag of Pinnacle is the second day of its shelf life.
Although much has changed since Breeder's Choice started doing business in 1947, we have never strayed from our commitment to providing the highest level of nutrition for pets. Today's consumers are more concerned about their pets and more knowledgeable about their care than ever before. That's because dogs and cats have become increasingly precious for the love and comfort they provide to people suffering from overwork and stress. Each Breeder's Choice product delivers value for the consumer dollar. Pet owners don't want to waste time searching for something that works.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a stronger more profitable business that will prosper in the competitive climate of the premium market, while offering superior pet products to our customers that promise the highest of quality and excellent customer service. We will continue to re-invest in research and technology to continue the leadership role of natural products for the premium market segment.