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Burns Pet Health

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Burns Pet Health
Burns Pet Health is one of the world leaders in holistic and natural pet health founded by George Burns. We are a small but enthusiastic company with very strong links across Europe and a sister company in the UK. We have been educating pet owners for over 15 years in both health and nutrition with the emphasis on quality and the correct proportions. Macrobiotics and Traditional Chinese Medicine are at the root of Burns Pet Health’s philosophy, embracing approaches that are thousands of years old but adjusting them to suit our pets and modern living.

George Burns Profile

My interest in health and nutrition is rooted in my own experiences. Some 20 odd years ago I suffered from a very irritating skin problem called eczema. I had been attending my doctor for the best part of 4 years yet the itch continued despite trying many creams and skin lotions. In almost desperation, I asked my doctor about an appointment at the Homeopathic Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland which was part of the National Health Service. The doctor scoffed at the idea saying “I don’t think that will do much good” to which I promptly replied “ Well, the creams I have been getting have not been any good, so what have I got to lose?” I never really got an answer but a few weeks later an appointment card arrived and I visited the hospital the following week.

At the Homeopathic hospital, the doctor took one look at me, asked if he could get his colleague to take a look , they both sat down and told me I needed to change my diet. Four weeks later the eczema was gone. Simply by changing my diet I was able to clear up what was a chronic skin complaint. This prompted me to read, and read and read.

Having kept dogs all my life, I had witnessed many of the same problems and started to experiment. The results astounded me, I was hooked telling everyone who had a dog or cat that diet was one of the biggest single issues to influence its lifestyle.

Books became my knowledge and food became my tools. My interest in herbs has been long standing trying many different ones just to gauge my own bodies’ reaction.

Mission Statement

One of the greatest sins is the unlived life. It is a lonely experience to be at the deathbed of someone who has regrets. Allowing nature to come alive, to choose the ethical way, provides the basis of living life to its fullest without fear of regret. To pursue our dreams and desires while at the same time creating balance all around us. Consequently, we will find our hearts at ease and better able to enjoy our journey finding laughter, love and health with each step we take. Year after year, through learning and understanding, we see major advances in the health of pets – We strive to bring you the best of the natural and holistic approaches to health.

Quality Policy

Whole foods, high quality proteins and combining them in the correct proportions are what make foods so healthy. We do not produce our own products, rather we focus our time and attention on monitoring quality; manufacturing; packaging, storing, shipping and tracking finished goods.

We typically insist on testing for many things twice which give us a great deal of confidence in the finished product. We have no incentive to accept off quality raw materials. If a mix is out of specification we have no profit incentive to process it. The end user, your pet, would quickly show something was amiss. Once you create a very high quality diet which stimulates the immune system there is no going back on that quality.

We also test for known toxins again at the receiving point. Our manufacturer has invested heavily in HPLC technology that tests for Aflatoxin and Vomitoxin. Being directly involved in the ingredient sourcing piece of our business allows us to make sure that what we say is in the product, stays in the product.

We insist on complete wash down, degreasing, sanitizing and microbial swabbing programs of machinery prior to manufacturing any Burns products.

During manufacture, the protein, fat and moisture levels are checked on an ongoing basis and must conform to within very clearly defined limits. Samples from each part of the process are randomly tested independently to clearly establish that what we say is what you get!