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Canidae Dog & Cat Food

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Canidae Pet Food

Canidae is a family-owned company that has been making the health and nutrition of furry family members a top priority since their start in 1996. They take pride in the natural ingredients they use in all their food, including playing an active role and partnering with US famers and implementing integrated farming methods. Their meats from farms and ranches all across America’s Heartland, while their seafood comes from the Pacific Northwest. Their goal is to provide top quality foods your dogs and cats will crave and gobble up!

For your playful pups and dogs of all ages, Canidae offers a wide variety of food lines in both dry kibble and wet food. Their PURE formula is a simple recipe designed for pups with sensitive stomachs. These limited ingredient recipes offer an average of 7 to 10 ingredients but still pack a flavorful punch your pup is sure to enjoy. For those pups with really sensitive stomachs, the Under the Sun formulas offer single animal proteins, reducing the allergen risk. If you have a little pup, check out their line of formulas designed for small breeds, with petite kibble sizes perfect for the dainty mouth. For canine family members that crave their ancestral diet of high protein, the Ancestral Formulas offer recipes with 6 to 7 different animal ingredients in every bite!

And if you have a house full of canine family members, Canidae knows how hard mealtime can be with different foods for each family member. Their All Life Stages recipes eliminate the need for multiple different foods and offer a balanced and nutritional meal for every member of your canine family. One bag delivers everything your dogs need will giving them the flavors they will all gobble up!

For your feline family, Canidae offers the same amazing formulas that target the health and nutritional needs of your cat. As meat eaters, cats crave real meal and these formulas deliver with real meat or fish as the first ingredient. Limited ingredient and grain-free formulas reduce the risk of upset tummies and allergy issues, and All Life Stages recipes are great for multi-cat households. All formulas offer a dry kibble and moist variety that is sure to please even your pickiest eaters.

No matter what your furry family needs, Canidae offers a selection of tasty and nutritious meals sure to satisfy every craving. You can feel confident as a pet parent that you are offering up the best at every mealtime!