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Cat Treats

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Premium Cat Treats

We all like to indulge in tasty treats from time to time and your loving kitty is no different. Finding a tasty treat that your feline companion enjoys is a great way to show your love and affection and get some loving purrs and snuggles in return. We here at K9Cuisine know how much you love your kitty and our selection of healthy and tasty cat treats are sure to make you and Felix happy and satisfied.

While some kitties are happy to eat just about anything, others tend to be a little bit pickier and no matter what you offer, they turn their nose up and walk away. That’s why we offer a wide selection of different cat treats, sure to make even the pickiest felines happy.

Unlike pet parents who might choose chocolate or chips for a treat, your feline companion craves meat and our selections of cat treats deliver just that. From freeze dried smoked salmon pieces, beef liver, or chicken breast to meat jerky pieces, not only are these treats tasty, but they deliver nutrition and benefits that help your kitty live a healthy and happy life. You can feel confident offering up these treats, knowing you are giving your kitty something he will find tasty and is good for him.

Looking to keep your kitty’s teeth pearly white and his breath smelling fresh and ready for kitty kisses? Check out our selection of dental cat treats designed to satisfy your kitty’s taste buds while brushing out bacteria and food residue in his teeth.

With a selection of flavors including salmon, shrimp, chicken breast, rabbit, beef, turkey, and more, you are sure to find a treat that gives your feline friend just the flavor he is looking for. And, if your pet family has a canine companion as well, many of our treat options are good for both cats and dogs, making treat time for pet parents even easier and more convenient.

Let’s not forget the catnip! We offer a selection of different catnip treats, including balls, cigars, and even sardines. Your kitty will think these awesome toy treats are just purrrfect!!