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Air-dried Dog Food

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Air-Dried Dog Food

Not all dog food is made the same. While some vary in product ingredients, others vary in their crafting methods. Air-dried dog food utilizes a century-old technique that natural dries meats without the need for added preservatives and things your pup doesn’t really need in his diet.

Air drying takes fresh meats and seafood, along with other natural ingredients, like parsley for fresh breath, and combines all the ingredients together. Once mixed, the ingredients are poured onto trays where they are air-dried with a process that naturally eliminates the bad stuff like E. coli or salmonella while preserving more of the natural nutrients that meat provides and is often cooked out in other cooking methods.

Once the meat mixture is completely dried, the food is cut into bite-sized pieces that are packed with natural nutrients and are easily digestible by dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. This natural food is comparable to a natural, raw diet that your pup’s ancestors ate, fulfilling their natural meat cravings.

Because this food option is all natural, you won’t find unnecessary preservatives. No added sugars, glycerins, or grains. As an all-natural, grain-free food, this is a great choice for sensitive pups with food sensitivities and allergies. A bowl packed full of natural meat with no antibiotics or growth hormones is just what you pup craves and needs.

While air-dried food may seem completely different than what you are used to, it is an all-natural approach to nutrition for your pup and offers a great choice for those looking to offer a more natural food option. While you may consider offering a raw food diet to your pup, air-dried food offers the same nutritional benefits but, because of the air-drying process, you get food that is safe from bacteria and much easier to handle than raw meat. The drying process keeps it safe to handle and storable for up to 21 months. Your pup still gets the same great taste and nutritional benefits without all the work for you. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Check out our great selection of air-dried dog foods today and serve your pup up a bowl of real meat that he is sure to devour and thank you for with all kinds of puppy kisses!!