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Limited Ingredient Dog Food

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Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Here at K9Cuisine, we know that many pet parents care for cuddly canines that battle with food sensitivities and allergies and we know just how difficult finding the right food can be. That is why we offer a wide selection of Limited Ingredient Dog Food that caters to just what your pup needs to enjoy mealtime and live a healthy and happy life.

When pup parents look for a limited ingredient food, it is often at the advice of a veterinarian who has determined certain protein or food sensitivities. These pups may experience poor skin quality, including itchy and flaky skin. Your pup may scratch or chew their feet. They may also experience diarrhea, weight gain or loss, and vomiting. Their coat may look dull or they may experience hair loss. Finding a food without the ingredients that cause a sensitivity or allergy is essential. Your vet will help you determine which ingredients to avoid, so you should have a list of what to look for!

Limited Ingredient Dog Food is a simple diet designed for pups with food sensitivities and allergies. While these foods may have a short ingredient list, they do not skimp on nutritional value. They contain high-quality proteins and easily digestible carbohydrates, offering a meal that will not only meet the flavors your pup craves, but keep his tummy and skin happy as well.

Because protein tends to be a common cause of food sensitivities, Limited Ingredient Dog Foods often only contain one protein, such as just turkey or a seafood only food. Other common foods that can lead to sensitivity include grains, dairy, and eggs, so most limited ingredient foods eliminate these ingredients from their recipes as well. Their goal is to make sure your pup has a food to enjoy that doesn’t bite him back!

But have no fear!! Just because these foods don’t offer a mile-long ingredient list, does not mean they lack in nutrition. The Association of American Feed Control Officials regulates limited ingredient foods to make sure they still meat all the nutritional needs of your pup and his life stage. While many foods are now made to meet all life stages, be sure to check the labels and make sure the food you choose is the right match for your pup.

As a pet parent, you want what is best for your pup and we at K9Cuisine want to help you in every way. Browse through our selection of top-quality limited ingredient foods, both in dry kibble and moist varieties, and we are sure you will find one you feel confident in feeding and that your pup will love!