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Where Do Fleas and Ticks Live?

Fleas and Ticks can live virtually anywhere, even if you do not see them. In fact chances are that you will not know that they are there until you or your pets are bitten by them.

  • Outdoors, the most common areas that you will find fleas and ticks are areas that have shrubs, bushes and/or thick grasses; especially if your pets frequent those areas often.

  • Indoors, fleas are the most common of the two types of pests. While in your home fleas typically like to reside in your carpets, on your cloth furniture and in your linens. Because of their small size they are often hard to spot, that is until you start itching.

Why Should You Treat For Fleas and Ticks?

Aside from the fact that fleas and ticks are a true nuisance, they can also carry extremely dangerous diseases that can make both humans and pets very ill. Preventing or eliminating a flea or tick infestation can be a difficult task as just two fleas can lay hundreds of eggs within a few days. These eggs then hatch into flea larvae and grow into adult fleas very rapidly which then continue the cycle until they are eliminated. Like fleas, ticks are also very dangerous. Though their size makes them a little easier to spot, the risk that the pose to your pets as well as humans is even greater as ticks are known to carry diseases such as Lyme disease, Babesiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Ehrlichoisis, just to name a few.


How to Effectively Treat and Eliminate Fleas and Ticks?

It is important to establish a flea and tick treatment plan on a regular schedule to give you the best chance of breaking the breeding cycle and ultimately eliminate the pests. This treatment plan should include treating your pets themselves (even if they never leave the house) as well as your home. You should consistently apply these treatments according to the guidelines outlined on the products that you select. To make this process even easier, K9Cuisine carries a wide selection of both medicated flea and tick treatments and sprays as well as a variety of all natural alternatives. You can even select your products and have them delivered to your door as you need them by using our Autoship program. This takes the hassle out of remembering to order the flea and tick products that you need and helps ensure your home is pest free!