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Dog Rocks Original 100% Natural

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Made in Australia

Dog Rocks® are a 100% Natural Australian product that will save your lawn from those nasty burn patches that your Dog’s urine can cause.

Dog Rocks® filter out impurities from water such as Tin, ammonia and nitrates. These impurities are usually passed out through urine, and when your grass comes in contact with these elements it is burned, resulting in a dead, yellow patch on your lawn.

Dog Rocks® give your four legged friend a cleaner source of water, while also stopping the cause of those nasty burnt yellow patches on your lawn.

Without the impurities in the water, Dog Rocks® actually help your dog fertilize your lawn! This is great for you, your dog & your lawn!

Only buy ORIGINAL Dog Rocks®

Some of you may have noticed products in some Pet Stores which look similar to Dog Rocks® It

has come to our attention that these Pet Stores are representing their product as being the same

as "Dog Rocks®" and that they are making claims in relation to their product which do not apply
to Dog Rocks®.

Original Dog Rocks® only comes in the recycled brown packaging with the green and white label and carries the registered trade mark "Dog Rocks®". Any other product on the market is not the original so please beware.

Original Dog Rocks do not alter the pH balance of your dog's urine. Dog Rocks® are a completely natural product sourced from a reputable quarry in Australia. Any "fakes" do not come from the same quarry as we have an exclusive arrangement with our supplier. We have had tests conducted on the "fakes" and they do not have the same properties as Dog Rocks®.

If you come across any retailers selling fake Dog Rocks® and making claiims about the product which are not in line with what you know about Dog Rocks® please contact us immediately.

In the meantime, we hope that you continue to enjoy the green lawn that the original and trusted Dog Rocks® bring.


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Nutritional Information

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Your pack will be accompanied by an instruction leaflet and diary reminder sticker.

Wash the Dog Rocks thoroughly under running water to remove any dust.

Place your entire pack of Dog Rocks in your dog’s water bowl, if you have more than one water bowl, you will need another whole pack of Dog Rocks, each water supply should have one entire pack of Dog Rocks in it.

Replace your Dog Rocks every 2 months and for best results, refresh the water at night every two to three days and top up at night in between.

In the event your dog removes the rocks from the water bowl you can place the rocks in a jug ( max 2 litres) and fill the water bowl from the Jug. Keep the jug toped up at all times.

If you use large amount of fertilizer on your lawn this could reduce the effectiveness of Dog Rocks.

Dog Rocks are not uniform size and differ from pack to pack in content because they are entirely natural. The weight of each pack is however the same and therefore the efficacy is consistent.

Dog Rocks will not bring dead lawns back to life but you will see changes within 5 weeks. You must replace your Dog Rocks every two months.

You may find that in times of extremely sunny weather and high temperatures your dog will drink more water. In these circumstances you may find that you will have to “up” your dosage of Dog Rocks and in some cases even double it. Dog Rocks are not an exact science and every dog is different but once you have sussed out what works for you, there is no reason for any more burn patches on your lawn as long as directions for use are adhered to.


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