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DogChewz NYC

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DogChewz NYC
M'Lee (a.k.a Emily) and now Olivia are the inspiration for all of their products. They look to them to help them develop elegant items which they cannot find in the marketplace.  Their treats are based on M'Lee's favorite, healthy foods and must obtain the M'Lee Seal of Approval as she is such a fussy dog.
The History of DogChewz

Animals have always been her passion, and ever since she was a little child she had wanted to be a veterinarian. Instead she wound up working as a commercial artist, then a computer programmer and finally as a Director of web strategy.
DogChewz was started in April, 2000, on a part-time basis. She realized that she needed to develop her own products to build a business. She looked to her dog, M'Lee (a.k.a. Emily) for inspiration. She didn't like any packaged treats and had trouble chewing. There were no tiny dog biscuits available.  So she baked tiny one inch bone cookies with various recipes until there were cookies that she loved.  As her job became less and less satisfying, she worked on developing more of her own products. Then September 11th caused her to totally re-think her life, and accelerated the need to make a difference in a positive way.
Leaving the corporate world to focus entirely on her own business to help abused and homeless animals became a priority. That was when the company materialized. DogChewz NYC donates product throughout the year to various animal rescue groups and shelters.