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FruitFast® is an industry leader of natural, all-fruit products promoting healthy living. Providing nutritional fruit supplements of superior quality and value is the focus of everything we do.
Super Fruits like Tart Cherries, Wild Blueberries and Wonderful Pomegranates contain antioxidants known to be highly beneficial for optimal health. They provide you with a choice of FruitFast products that are natural, pure, safe, consistent and affordable.
FruitFast is America’s best-selling brand of tart cherry juice concentrate and offers a full line of juice concentrates. They manufacture the original and only fruit softgel made from whole fruit on the market. Capturing the fruits’ antioxidant properties through a proprietary process that includes the skin and pulp, FruitFast produces four softgel varieties; CherryFlex®, Wild BlueberryIQ®, Wonderful Pomegranate and Black Raspberry. Other products include FruitFast Liquid Fruit Supplements, FruitFast Bars and a variety of dried fruits.
They became the leaders in their industry by listening to their customers’ requests and building lasting relationships. They appreciate your business, but more importantly, they value your trust.
They wish you the very best in happy, healthy living!