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K9 Cuisine Blog

  • Pet Food Choices and Your Pet’s Age

    Jul 25, 2016/ Comments (1)

    While browsing through some of the previous blog posts that used to be published on the old version of the website, I came across an article discussing if there is ...

    Joshua Read More
  • Choosing the Right Pet Bed

    Jun 24, 2016/ Comments (1)

    I know it has been a little while since I checked in, I know. I got a severe case of poison Ivy, something unheard of, and I had not had since childhood. I would hope that you w ...

    Tina Rose Read More
  • Should I Feed My Pets Grain Free Foods?

    Jun 04, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Should I be Going Grain-Free for My Pets?

    I have been thinking it’s been a few weeks since I’ ...

    Tina Rose Read More
  • Keeping Up With Pet Vaccinations

    May 24, 2016/ Comments (0)

    One area I have trouble with keeping up with is vaccinations.  With so many pets I would think that I would do better at keeping track of when the appointmen ...

    Tina Rose Read More
  • Picking a Name for Your Pet

    May 15, 2016/ Comments (0)

    I have had many pets over the years and currently own a small petting zoo, of 4 cats and 2 dogs. I think the naming process has always been the hardest part. I de ...

    Tina Rose Read More
  • Guide to Introducing a New Pet

    May 10, 2016/ Comments (2)

    Introducing a new pet to your current pet family can be a wonderful exhilarating experience for you and your pet, as you both gain a new pet friend. However, the ...

    Tina Rose Read More
  • Preventing Fleas in your Home and on your Pets

    Apr 23, 2016/ Comments (0)

    The weather is getting warmer and flea season is coming. I know many struggle with their pets and keeping fleas at bay, but I don’t seem to have too much of ...

    Tina Rose Read More
  • The Nebraska Humane Society

    Apr 12, 2016/ Comments (0)

    This week I had the opportunity to help a stray cat, made possible because of the help provided by my local humane society and veterinarian. This got me thinking about all the d ...

    Tina Rose Read More
  • Becoming a Dog Owner

    Mar 30, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Welcome to our new blog! You may have noticed we recently launched our brand new website which was an upgrade that was definitely needed! Along with the new and improved site, w ...

    Tina Rose Read More
  • Rescuing Feral Cats

    Mar 29, 2016/ Comments (0)

    Lately, I had the opportunity to help rescue several feral kittens and abandoned strays at an old property I bought to rehab. The home had several feral cats and a litter of kit ...

    Tina Rose Read More