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Legacy Pet Food
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Legacy Pet Foods – by Horizon 

Legacy Pet Foods - where ancestral diets are grounded in history. Legacy Pet Foods is as innovative today as it is grounded in a deep understanding of your pets’ ancestral diet. They have applied the same nutritional philosophies of the ancestral diet, a grain-free raw diet, in a convenient super-premium kibble that your pet will love. 

Legacy Pet Foods cares about the quality of your pets’ food. They are known for having a kibble that contains human grade quality meats combined with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Boosting your pets immune health is the addition of unique botanicals and natural supplements. 

Legacy Pet Foods uses innovation and forward thinking to continue to bring your pet a diet that matches its ancestral needs. By using an 80% inclusion rate of high quality proteins that include ingredients like chicken, fresh eggs, and chicken fat, Legacy Pet Foods meets the ancestral carnivore needs of your pets’ diet. 

Legacy Pet Foods continues its forward thinking approach with meeting the needs of the omnivore in your pets diet. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables helps to meet those needs.  Legacy Pet Foods adds healthy items such as peas, carrots, apples, cranberries and many more healthy vegetables all to add nutrients and antioxidants to boost your pets’ health. 

Rounding out the quality and innovation that is in the entire Legacy Pet Foods diet are prebiotics, minerals and supplements that will enhance your pets diet. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Yucca are added for allergies and joint health problems.  Legacy Pet Foods uses naturally source prebiotics and a custom blend of probiotics to stimulate the immune system and intestinal health. 

Legacy Pet Foods is a family with a love for animals and a commitment to quality and great prices. As consumers and pet owners, we had access to the opportunity of an amazing Canadian agricultural basin that would provide quality ingredients and a great location for our operation. Legacy Pet Foods goal is not to simply make another pet food. Their passion is in making an exemplary pet food focused on animal well-being and quality nutrition.