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Microcyn AH Pink Eye Spray

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Microcyn AH Pink Eye Spray is formulated with the original and patented Micron technology to wash away discharges and mucus secretion from the eyes of your favorite pet. Safe to use on all animal species regardless of age or condition, this can be used to relieve burning, stinging, and itching by removing air pollutants and other foreign materials. The adjustable spray nozzle is great for flushing out anything affecting your pet’s eyesight without irritating your pet any further. Microcyn AH Pink Eye Spray is safe to clean eyes when pink eye, redness and irritation, and discharge and drainage are presented by using the included nozzle in either the spray or stream mode for accurate application with the least mess. Apply to affected eye are 2-4 times daily until the condition is no longer visible. 

  • No alcohol, steroids or antibiotics 
  • Safe and non-toxic 


INDICATIONS: For irritated eyes to help relieve burning, stinging and itching by removing air pollutants (pollen/smog) and other foreign materials. Use to wash away mucus secretions and discharges. Safe for use on all animal species.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Adjust nozzle. Wipe away excess matter that may have collected in the corner of the eyes. Flush eyes gently with MicrocynAH®. Apply 2-4 times per day until condition is no longer visible. No rinsing necessary. For superficial use with intact cornea.

USE PRECAUTIONS: For external use only. Not for injection. Discontinue use if irritation develops and contact your veterinarian. For animal use only. Not for human use. Keep out of reach of children. Safe if licked by animal. Always consult with a veterinarian for systemic conditions.

STORAGE:Store in its original container at room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat. Do not freeze.

DISPOSAL: No special disposal considerations required.


  • Water
  • Sodium Phosphate
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Hypochlorous Acid
  • Sodium Hypochlorite


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