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The Brand that Stands for Something More

In the Beginning . . .Our objective as a manufacture of Pet Homes wasn't simply to become —We think it happened as a result of a number of things . . . things we have given an extraordinary amount of attention to since our beginning—over 90 years ago.

Such as . . .

  • Quality
  • Our intention isn't just to produce a multitude of Homes for Pets and
  • Pet Products . . .

Just the best.

Our philosophy remains as simple as that. Thorough research, detail-driven product development and rigorous testing allow us to arrive at the definite components that go into producing the best performing, safe, comfortable, appropriately sized healthy environments and products for pets . . .

From a complete line of dog crates, "Bigger is Better" small animal modular habitat systems and birdcages, to pet enclosure furniture and an ever growing offering of pet bedding and supporting accessories . . . Resulting in enduring and rewardingly interactive relationships between Pets and Pet Parents.

Innovation & Value

With a commitment to on-going innovation, we continue to implement new processes to ensure long product life; ease of use; total consumer satisfaction — providing our customers the best quality and price . . .  The best value overall.


As we continue to bring new products to market, we will bring you the utmost in marketing and sales, merchandising and retail display through our three-tier Authorized Dealer Program in addition to product promotion programs and our on-going excellent customer service . . .

Committed always to meeting and exceeding your sales expectations.


The kind that emerges as a result of quality products being brought to market by quality people for over 90 years.