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Natures Variety
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Nature's Variety
The Nature's Variety line of natural pet products was developed by families who have been engaged in sustainable production agriculture for over 140 years - raising quality livestock and growing crops in America's heartland. For the past 30 years, we have been primarily focused on the meat processing business. Our experience in processing meats for human consumption gives us an ongoing advantage in providing superior, nutritional pet products.

Our Passion

Our team is passionate about improving the health of your pet through better nutrition. With better ingredients and better nutrition, you can help your pet maintain proper body weight, reduce the risk of allergies, and enjoy a longer, healthier life by maintaining a healthy diet.

Our Quality Care

We select the highest quality ingredients for the production of our nutritionally dense and bio-available diets and treats. Our natural, nutritious products are produced with integrity and care for the health of your companion animal. All of our products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Rotate for Variety

The Nature's Variety rotation regimen can play a role in building a healthier immune system, promoting dental health and addressing many common health concerns such as food intolerance, obesity, allergies, digestive problems and diabetes. Want to learn more about rotation benefits?

Nature's Variety believes many commercially available diets targeted at life stages or special needs (e.g., puppy, senior, large breed, weight control) are in effect formulation corrections designed to overcome nutritional deficiencies inherent in largely grain based diets. These nutritional deficiencies arise from least-cost manufacturing practices that utilize large amounts of low cost grain by-products such as glutens. Glutens are generally included in kibble diets as a low cost option to increase the protein content of the food without adding more meat. For this reason Nature's Variety offers a nutritionally dense kibble formula that is appropriate for all life stages based on high meat protein content and whole grains.
Nature's Variety Prairie Brand Dry Kibble Diets are designed to be rotated freely for variety and optimal nutrition. A growing body of scientific research recommends feeding variety, including fresh food. To rotate Nature's Variety Dry Kibble Diets, just change proteins each time (or every other time) a new product is purchased from your store. To learn more about rotation, click here.
Natural, Wholesome Ingredients
Meat protein is the first ingredient in each formula. Meat proteins make up over 40% of the ingredients in each production batch of Nature’s Variety. Most dry kibble diets are 25 to 30% meat or meat and bone products with some formulations even containing less than 10% or even no meat products. Nature's Variety Dry Kibble Diets are formulated to meet the needs of all life stages.
The grains present in these diets are only whole grains; never inferior grain fractions. All Nature's Variety products are naturally preserved with vitamins and herbal extracts, and sealed in oxygen limiting packaging.
Nature's Variety Dry Kibble provides over 50 trace minerals with a colloidal silicate called montmorillonite. Pet owners report that feeding Nature's Variety diets containing wholesome ingredients have helped produce better skin and coats, optimum weight control, and overall better health.
Nature's Variety has created a healthier kibble. Benefits of raw food (enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, and essential fatty acids) are coated around each kibble to provide the microbials necessary for optimum nutrient absorption. Nature's Variety has pioneered this unique and revolutionary concept called BIO-COATING. All Nature’s Variety Kibble Diets are coated with our Freeze Dried Raw Diets which provides microbials necessary for optimum nutrient absorption.
BIO-COATING by Nature's Variety greatly increases enzymes, unaltered bio-available amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that may otherwise be degraded during the processing necessary to produce kibble diets. The results are natural and nutritious health benefits for your pet.