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HBH Pet Products

HBH began in 1988 as a plastics fabrication company. One area of expertise was custom built tanks and filtration. As aquarium hobbyists’ they found ourselves tinkering with innovative ideas. Then, as their interest and experience in the pet market continued, an opportunity to formulate and develop a revolutionary line of fish foods presented itself. They began with just four foods in 1991, but have quickly grown over the last decade into one of the leading producers of aquarium foods. From the aquarium hobbyist to the first time pet owner, they proudly offer quality products at an excellent value.

HBH continues to grow and expand into new markets. In 2004 they introduced a new line of dog-safe chocolate flavored treats. Since then they have been met with an enthusiastic response from their customers and consumers. This benchmark development has led to the expansion of their research team and entry into new markets for all animals. In 2008 they introduced their new line of grain-free pet treats which has been continuing to grow in popularity.

They take great pride in each of their products and subject each one to a broad spectrum of testing before it’s released into the market. Each product represents an animal and each animal represents an owner. As pet owners and animal lovers, they understand the special bond that exists between a pet and its owner. Their overall goal at HBH is to ensure the enjoyment of pet ownership as well as maximize the energy, health and life span of pets everywhere. Pets make life better, so they try to return the favor by making their life better.