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NPIC Pet Treats

Natural Polymer International Corp., NPIC, began in 1996 as a biodegradable company focusing in the application of vegetable protein as an alternative to plastic and stryofoam based products. In 1998, they developed the N-Bone® product line of long-lasting edible and digestible chew bones and treats due to the lack of safe and long-lasting chew bones and treats. Since 1998, they have used their patented biodegradable technology to further develop safe and biodegradable chew bones and treats.
Their Philosophy

They understand that companion animals are more than just pets; they are family. To insure product quality and safety, they developed a qualification process for all their raw materials and they were the first to use an in vitro solubility study to help determine the safety of their products.

They are committed to making nutritious and functional treats to insure the wellness and happiness of all companion animals.