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An award-winning Canadian pet food maker, Champion has a trusted reputation that spans more than a quarter century. ORIJEN is made with your pets’ diet in mind, by making biologically appropriate pet foods. The ORIJEN mission is clear and strong by making biologically appropriate pet foods from fresh regional ingredients. 

As a brand that is proudly called “Canada’s best,” Champion is a reputable manufacture of high quality pet food brands. Located right in the heart of the Alberta prairie farmlands they are the undeniable leaders in creating brands such as ORIJEN and exporting worldwide them since 1975. 

ORIJEN is one of Champion’s award winning and biologically appropriate nutritional philosophy lines of products.  ORIJEN features a diet, designed to nourish dogs and cats with fresh meat and protein rich vegetables according to their evolutionary adaptation. Champion recognizes that your pet’s nutrition adapts as your dog or cat ages and thus their formulas have been specifically developed to deliver the best possible nutrition. 

ORIJEN is made from Canada’s best and freshest ingredients.  ORIJEN’s ingredients are different from other pet foods in that they are ‘fit for human consumption.’ Literally, if you wanted to, you could eat a bowl of your pet’s food yourself. Their mission to remain step above other pet food manufactures, ORIJEN concentrates on sourcing local ingredients that are sustainably raised and then delivered to their kitchens fresh each day.  ORIJEN’s freshness is guaranteed to be bursting with flavor and goodness to keep your cherished dog or cat happy, healthy and strong. 

Starting from fresh local ingredients, ORIJEN formulas are different from the typical ‘meat and grain’ diets. ORIJEN uses fresh ingredients like grain-fed chicken and fresh whole eggs that are produced on local prairie farms. Their lake whitefish is freshly caught from the icy depths of northern Canadian lakes. Delicious salmon, cranberries and apples come from the Pacific coast oceans and local orchards. ORIJEN resources the freshest ingredients, and slow cooks them each day.

ORIJEN then uses proprietary; low-temperature processing methods to steam cook their fresh ingredients in small batches to preserve all of their natural goodness and delicious taste. Our deep passion for dogs and cats from all walks of life is what sets ORIJEN apart from other brands.

Different from the typical "meal and grain" diets, ORIJEN formulas start from fresh regional ingredients like grain-fed chicken and fresh whole eggs produced on local prairie farms, lake whitefish - freshly caught from the icy depths of northern Canadian lakes, and salmon, cranberries and apples from Pacific coast oceans and orchards.

Unlike the marketing and multinational companies that sell (but don't actually make) today's pet foods, Champion Petfoods Ltd. stands apart as a family-owned producer with a mission that is simple and strong. After all, it is with our own dogs and cats in mind that we make ORIJEN - a food that truly puts the optimal nourishment of dogs and cats above all else - a food we proudly call "CANADA'S BEST".