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See the Difference Redpaw X-Series™ Dog Food Can Make

Redpaw X-Series Dog Food

Love Redpaw X-Series Dog Food

X-Series Formulas For Family Dogs

Your dog’s love for you knows no bounds...

Return that love by feeding him the best food available. Redpaw X-series is designed to optimize your dog’s health from bowl one. Our science-backed, dogs first nutrition is the key to vibrant health, inside and out.

Redpaw X-Series™ Fitness

Adult Dogs. All Breeds. All Sizes.

Moderate Activity
Weekend Warrior

  • healthy weight balance
  • promotes lean muscle
  • boosts immune function
  • promotes healthy bones & skin
  • resolves digestive issues
  • promotes soft, shiny coat

Redpaw X-Series™ Perform

Adult Dogs. All Breeds. All Sizes.

Vigorous Activity
Underweight & Picky Eaters

  • healthy weight gain
  • promotes lean muscle
  • assists with heat regulation
  • increases endurance & focus
  • less dry, cracking foot pads
  • repairs brittle, splitting nails
  • firmer stools & less gas

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is right
my dog?

Redpaw X-Series™ Maintain

Adult & Mature Dogs. All Breeds. All Sizes.

Light Activity
Overweight & Mature

  • healthy weight loss
  • improves muscle tone
  • less joint stiffness
  • reduces itchy & flaky skin
  • resolves digestive issues
  • firmer stools & less gas

Redpaw X-Series™ Puppy

All Breeds. All Sizes.

Puppies & Pregnancy
Healthy Start

  • all puppies
  • pregnant females
  • lactating mothers
  • proper development of brain function
  • supports proper immune system
  • promotes healthy bones & skin

Eleanor the Bulldog Testimonial - Redpaw X-Series Dog Food

See the Redpaw Difference

We actually attended a canine nutrition seminar a couple years ago run by redpaw and we switched Eleanor that day. We have seen amazing changes in her! She went from 55lbs to 42lbs. She can now jump from the floor to our barstools! (She could barely get on the couch before).

She suffered from yeast issues and was prone to infections in her tail pocket. We went from cleaning her tail pocket out twice a day to not at all! She no longer gets interdigital cysts in between her toes either.

Our vet asked if we brush her teeth as she barely has any tartar on her teeth (we don’t brush them).

Eleanor is thriving on redpaw! She is a tricks star champion and now we have her enrolled in agility and she loves it!


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The Nutritional Benefits:

This ideal source of fiber promotes healthy digestive function by supporting the growth of probiotics (beneficial bacteria), without causing digestive upset.


The Nutritional Benefits:

Excellent sources of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants. These grains support proper immune function, stress response, efficiency of metabolic systems, brain function and muscle response.


The Nutritional Benefits:

Its branch-chained amino acids promote muscle growth and repair, plus it aids in recovery, reduces soreness, boosts the immune system and promotes healthy bones, connective tissue and skin.


The Nutritional Benefits:

Concentrated sources of proteins and fats which contribute to lean muscle mass and energy stores.

Redpaw X-Series Dog Food


The Nutritional Benefits:

An excellent source of natural trace minerals, it's also high in the essential amino acid lysine which is important for hormone regulation and immune system function.

Redpaw X-Series Dog Food Benefits