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Thrive! Foods

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Thrive! Foods
Thrive! Foods is a nutrition company that makes nutritious snack food products. They believe in a better life through better nutrition and that nutritious snacks should be fund and taste great.  They make their nourishing products with select, all natural ingredients that are nutrient dense. Thrive! Foods products are Super Nourishing and Super Tasty! They currently sell four nutritious premium pet treats and chews and have several innovative human snack products in testing and development.
At Thrive! Foods, their mission is to provide great tasting, all natural products that promote healthy living.  They choose only the highest quality natural ingredients.  Their products are minimally processed and free of highly refined sugars, artificial additives and preservatives.  There is a growing body of evidence showing that nutritional supplements (e.g., multivitamins) are an inadequate source of nutrients because they are minimally absorbed by our bodies.  Therefore, they use whole foods, which Nature has already provided to nourish our bodies.   Adequate nutrition is essential for healthy living.  All of the body’s functions - such as our immune system’s defense against disease and infection, our circulatory system’s delivery of oxygen - revolve around utilizing quality nutrition.  Adequate nutrition not only allows you to stay well, but also to feel better - more energy and pep, more active, and more joyful.